About us

SMS Zing is a premier provider of SMS messaging solutions to customers and companies with diverse needs. Whether a company wants to convey product information to its customers or an individual user wants to convey his/her heartiest well wishes to his/her contacts, SMS Zing provides each such customer the access to all the necessary user-friendly technology along with a very professional and client-oriented service. Clients can trust us with helping them achieve their goals using our world-class mobile messaging services.

SMS Zing's platform has the ability to send out SMS messages at the rate of _ per minute. With that kind of speed at the client's disposal no amount of volume is too large. SMS Zing also has connectivity to _ networks in all countries around the world to provide the client with maximum reach.


We wish to facilitate personalised interaction through messaging media between enterprises and their customers by providing quality technological toolsets and thereby become the best and most trustworthy messaging company.


To achieve our clients' goals of communicating with their customers through the messaging medium, while keeping in mind the following guidelines

  1. Creating value for clients by helping them transfer information in as real time a basis as possible using our services
  2. Satisfying clients completely with our customer service attitude and approach
  3. Adopting transparent and ethical practices in all dealings with our clients


Our team at SMS Zing has the best professionals with knowledge of the messaging domain as well as a deep commitment to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers.


Our specialisation is messaging services and we aspire to become the best messaging service provider in the world. And for that the underlying technology is vital. So, we source all the required technology from our partner Directologies (www.directologies.com).