SMS Engaged

Directologies SMS Engage

The Directologies SMS Engage is built keeping in mind clients whose needs include collecting responses from their customers or any other stakeholders as well as sending out messages to them. In other words, this product is the right fit for those clients who wish to conduct with their customers a two-way interaction and thus "engage" them in a dialogue.

Clients can use Directologies SMS Engage to perform many activities which could be classified as market research and information outreach to get Leads, service and/or product feedback through customer surveys forming Polls, and customer satisfaction through Contests.

The Directologies SMS Engage would provide an easy means for getting and collating responses sent by customers or other stakeholders to clients through SMS long code. By using SMS Long Code as opposed to SMS Short Code the customer would also benefit from the reduced charges for maintaining such an application and better flexibility when setting up the different Leads, Polls and Contests that the client may want to run.