Directologies Enterprise Messaging Suite (DEMS)

DEMS is a collection of applications and a set of tools to administer a system providing enterprise messaging services.

DEMS brings a host of features because of which companies can make their task of SMS communication a breeze. It provides a number of client connectivity modules through which messages intended for the recipients can be loaded onto the platform. These client connectivity modules include:

  1. Web browser
  2. SMPP v3.4 (Short Message Peer‐to‐Peer version 3.4)
  3. HTTP POST (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
  4. DB Sender (Database Sender) and
  5. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) using JAX‐WS (Java API for XML Web Service).

DEMS also provides a comprehensive Administration interface through which the System Administrator can perform:

  1. Route Management so as to assign different customers to different routes based on the message as well as customer priority
  2. User Management to add and delete user accounts, manage user credits and also
    manage user support
  3. Gateway Management to add, delete and modify routes and their prices
  4. Reporting and Logging to get MIS status reports and usage reports by various

DEMS performs Message Filtering and Sender Validation in addition to the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) checks necessary to send the messages accurately to the intended recipients. The platform supports messages in Unicode format, message concatenation, Dynamic Sender ID as well as delivery status (DLR) for the sent messages. In this way, DEMS would provide a one‐window, hassle‐free interface to manage the companyʼs communication with its customers via the SMS medium.

DEMS by Direct Technologies is developed using the latest, most stable and advanced open source technologies. Therefore, Direct Technologies is confident that the platform can be scaled to any dimension to cater to any volume of information to be sent to any number of diverse recipients across the world. And this is a big reason why we believe that companies going with DEMS can be sure that they are getting the best.

DEMS is targeted to clients who are willing to have their own dedicated messaging servers> and other hardware to provide messaging services.