SMS Relay

Directologies SMS Relay

Directologies SMS Relay is a GSM modem based application. The GSM modem is a wireless USB device with an inbuilt SIM card holder. This gives the client the ease of simply plugging the device into any personal computer - desktop or laptop - coupled with a SIM card of any network. The SMS Relay application, currently supported only on the Windows platform, will detect the GSM device once it is plugged in. So the client does not have to go through a long drawn out procedure for setting up the device and the application.

Once the application and device are hooked up to the clientʼs machine, the client will be able to use it for sending messages over the carrier of the clientʼs choice. This is very similar to messaging using a mobile phone the only difference being that a computer is used in place of a mobile telephone. Thus, the Directologies SMS Relay application affords the client a wider flexibility.

The Directologies SMS Relay is intended for clients whose messaging requirements cannot be categorised as bulk and whose coverage area is limited to a particular region such a state or a city. The transmission of messages would happen from GSM/CDMA to GSM/CDMA network given that the medium used is a SIM card.