Directologies Reseller Classic

For people who wish to get into the bulk SMS business or already have a thriving business but wish to do so under different names to provide different service levels to their customers with varying needs, now things have become easy. Directologies Reseller Classic, a partner product, allows such enterprising people to begin business without having to deal with complex underlying technology.

Directologies Reseller Classic allows the administrator flexibility to manage customers through an intuitive, easy-to-use web browser interface. The client is even spared the hassle of installation as Directologies would take care of those details, whether on the client's server or on our server. This facility combined with the broad international connectivity and affordable pricing for routes supplied by SMS Zing, makes the package hard to resist for serious business folk in this domain.

The web browser administrator interface enables easy user management, where in the administrator can add/delete user accounts, modify user accounts, manage user credits as well as provide support in the case of any user issue. Through the web browser customer interface a customer can request for credit top-up, or more sender IDs or for a support ticket from a customer service agent. Through the web interface the administrator can provide the customer complementary value-added service like file validation for bulk SMS to remove duplicate numbers or to conduct a sanity check on the numbers. The administrator can view and also provide to the customers sent SMS reports based on various parameters which the customer and/or administrator can use for analytics purposes.

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